Does Your Company Ship Lithium Batteries?

Does your company ship lithium batteries? How about lithium battery-powered devices like laptops or cell phones? If yes, you probably know the complexities that come with making shipments in compliance with both US DOT Hazardous Materials Regulations as well as international dangerous goods regulations. Well, you should also know that the regulations have changed recently,…


Press Release

KULR Technology Group Partners with Hazmat Safety Consulting to Work with Industry and Regulatory Leaders on PPR Battery Safety Technology

Here We Go!

As I enter a new phase of my career, I want to share a few perspectives that I learned from my time working with PHMSA’s Approvals and Permits Division. Firstly, the people of the Approvals and Permits Division and across PHMSA are smart, hard-working, mission-driven people that are truly dedicated to safety.  As a Federal…


FAA proposed fines for Hazardous Material Violations

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proposed civil penalties exceeding $50,000 for alleged Hazardous Materials Violations involving persons and companies that have offered lithium batteries in checked baggage when in fact it should have been shipped as cargo.  These violations are taken very seriously with stiff penalties because of the risk posed particularly aboard passenger…


Prototype Lithium Batteries

Americase was recently granted a special permit (DOT-SP 20798) that authorizes the transport of low production and prototype lithium batteries aboard cargo aircraft in specially designed thermally insulated packaging manufactured and distributed by Americase.  Low production or prototype batteries are only authorized to be transported aboard cargo aircraft under an approval issued by the country…


Company Decision Makers Often Underestimate the Value of Investing in Safety and Compliance – Hazmat Safety Consulting Can Assist to Enhance Safety, Ease Compliance Challenges and Reduce Supply Chain Disruption

By Bob Richard, President Hazmat Safety Compliance This is a first in a series of blogs that I hope to publish on our new website. I am very excited to have undertaken the next adventure in my hazmat career by starting a company dedicated to helping companies large and small that face the many challenges…


Safety Culture

10 Ways to Boost Your Safety Culture with an Employee App Published by Frank Wolf in Employee App, Safety Culture, Employee Safety The Importance of Safety Workplace safety is of vital importance: it increases the efficiency of ongoing operations, manages risk, optimizes control systems, streamlines processes, enhances the employer brand, creates trust, and ultimately helps…