Expert Witness Testimony

HSC’s experts have served as an expert witness in a variety of cases related to both criminal and civil litigation.

HSC’s experts have served as expert witnesses in a variety of cases related to both criminal and civil litigation. They have provided technical reports, depositions and trial testimony that have assisted clients in reaching favorable settlements and in several instances without any violations, penalties or negative judgements.

The HSC experts base their opinions on years of experience serving in various roles within the Department of Transportation’s Office of Hazardous Materials Safety as well as their experience providing dangerous goods regulatory assistance to customers worldwide. Their experience as regulators and consultants to numerous companies involved in handling, storing and transporting hazardous materials provides them an unapparelled ability to provide expert witness advise and testimony. They pride themselves on the ability to explain the intent of the regulations and how industry applies them in practice.

HSC has assisted numerous clients with enhancing compliance by conducting compliance audits, classifying hazardous materials, interpreting regulatory requirements, developing training programs and operations manuals and assisting them with navigating the complexities of the domestic and international transport regulations. They have experience serving as a court appointed independent compliance monitor for a company that was charged with a criminal violation of the hazardous materials regulations.