Case Study #1: Classification of products

HSC’s experts were asked to assist a company that had a product, which did not fit nicely within the classification scheme of the hazardous materials regulations.  The initial classification of the product was more severe and not reflective of the actual risk in transport.  HSC worked with PHMSA and engineering experts to develop a special permit application that allowed the product to be transported as a Class 9, based upon the proven actual risk in transport.  HSC developed a number of common sense tests that exhibited the low risk of the commodity, in conditions normal to transport.

Case Study #2: Unique scenarios

HSC’s experts were asked to assist a global company that transports compressed gasses in a manner different than anyone else in the world.  This company manufactures the pressure vessels and has ownership of the containers throughout their working life.  We were able to work with PHMSA and develop significant regulatory relief based upon these specific and unique scenarios.