HSC's experience and understanding of the domestic and international DG transport regulations, can help you focus on what you do well!

The hazardous materials regulations are complex. HSC’s consulting team has been working with these regulations on a DAILY basis for around 40 years and, we’ll admit, we sometimes have to ask one another to double check that our interpretation of a given paragraph is correct. Now, imagine if you didn’t have 40 years of expertise at your fingertips. By partnering with HSC, you can have direct access to our consulting team to provide guidance for complex regulatory questions. In some cases, it’s a simple 10-minute phone call to double check that, yes, you can ship that product in that package. In other cases, it’s written guidance on a particularly complex shipment to convince both your legal team and your carriers that the shipment is meeting regulatory standards. The best part? HSC consultants pride themselves on fast response times. If you have a question, chances are we’ve heard that question before and will respond within minutes. We understand that modern business requires the fast flow of information. A response to your question five days later, even if the response is correct, is oftentimes unhelpful.