DG Compliance Assessments

We don’t like to describe our onsite compliance assessments as audits because the term “audit” has a negative connotation linked to the idea that someone will be punished or blamed if operations are not up to snuff.

Instead we look at compliance assessment visits as a positive opportunity to identify ways to improve operations, correct non-compliance and introduce efficiencies taking account the concept of the total cost of compliance.

Conducting a compliance assessment is a no brainer.  Our assessments typically pay for themselves by multiples because they can reduce overall cost to the program and facilitate changes that can make companies more competitive and improve their corporate image.  Compliance doesn’t only result in penalties it can negatively impact supply chain reliability, corporate image and customer satisfaction resulting from:

  • Carrier rejections
  • Return shipping costs
  • Loss of customers
  • Storage costs
  • Cleanup and response costs
  • Inventory replacement and production costs (e.g. employee overtime to ramp production of lost products)
  • Higher insurance premiums and liability for damages or injuries
  • Damage to corporate image and bad publicity
  • Government inspectors targeting your company based on multiple violations.

You might consider engaging us to conduct a compliance assessment to provide peace of mind and reduce risk when:

  • using or engaging a third party to handle, ship or store your products;
  • launching a new product;
  • following a government enforcement inspection to address correction actions;
  • acquiring a new company or business unit;
  • staffing or leadership changes are implemented or new employees are hired; or
  • you just want to build or enhance your compliance program.

Many companies have corporate auditing programs but auditors are generally tasked with observing multiple areas and rarely have the level of expertise relative to dangerous goods safety and compliance.

Our staff have the expertise to assess your operations and identify compliance gaps, safety concerns and opportunities to implement industry best practices and operational efficiencies.

Our staff worked for the regulatory agency responsible for enforcement so we know what inspectors key in on and can advise you in advance of your potential shortcomings.

We provide a comprehensive and confidential assessment report that prioritizes recommendations based on those that are critical such as serious violations that will result in significant financial penalties or criminal charges against responsible individuals to address immediately to those that are compliant with DG regulations, but are not in line with industry best practices, leaving room for improvement, efficiencies and cost reductions.

After the compliance assessment we will work with your company’s leadership and decision makers to address gaps and recommendations.

We can also help you to build your own customized compliance assessment program, train auditing staff and develop checklists.